AusE1 Pty Ltd - Is a Qld-based eCommerce and Tech Company. 

(Pronounce it how you like AusE1 is short for = Aussie1 or Aus Ecommerce One) 

Our main product - AusE1.com.au Australian Marketplace -


Social Enterprise type marketplace to help Aussie small, medium, and micro businesses

 compete against the massive conglomerates via an Australian owned platform that is cost-effective and only allows Aussie owned vendors.

Thus also giving you the consumer confidence in knowing you are supporting local whilst still having access to the best range of products.

 It also gives you confidence that the vendor does exist, is locally based in Australia (verified by our team) and your funds are definitely not dissapearing via another offshore scam. 

 Our mission is 

Build a world-class e-commerce Marketplace that gives Aussie small to medium businesses including our own farmers, manufacturers, and services a platform so they can compete on some level against the massive monopolies (both local and foreign) that gouge them. It also allows them to bypass these monopolies and sell directly to you the consumer so we all get better value and regain the control we deserve as a nation. 

 'Saving today's Australian Owned businesses 


securing them a fair playing field for their future'. 


Australia's very own Marketplace is ever-evolving and will have the biggest range of products by any Marketplace site. 

With over 100 thousand products, awesome vendors and growing quickly we are making good progress

but we still have a long way to go so please keep coming back as we add many new categories, sellers and products.

All products are sold by local Australian-based and owned sellers and protected with Solid Australian Consumer Warranties.

'It's also important in these unstable times for Australia to strengthen our supply chain to secure our future incase of warring nations.

 We hope to contribute greatly to this in the coming months and years' as we balance the marketplace's offering to include even more Australian Made & Owned.