"Saving today's Australian Owned Businesses by creating them a fairer playing field for the future" 

Australia's most cost effective Marketplace for small businesses. 

Australia and our governments are asleep. We can all see the effect that monopolies like Woolies & Coles can have on the price of things and the effect on small businesses, families and farmers. We can also see the industry effects that massive foreign online owned businesses like Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Temu etc do to our industries. But I believe the biggest threat of all is Amazon - within a couple of years it has gone from $2b t/over to over $6b and its still only just setting up its chess pieces in this country. Thats $6b going to Jeff in the US not being distributed around our many small businesses and communities. They expect them to be 1 in 4 sales out of ALL sales in Australia by 2030. So lets say Australian Retail $350b t/over and they do $40-60B of that min (Let that sink in for a minute - Marketshare for Aussie business is already tight). 

WE HAVE TO BUILD THIS - We are building a Marketplace of ONLY Australian Owned Businesses, sure they will be selling everything from Australian Made to imported goods but the bulk of funds will remain in the communities and not be gouged by fees and multi levels of bureaucracy costs.

LOCAL IS THE REAL CIRCULAR ECONOMY - Remember small businesses, are families, who just like you & I, they eat food from local restaurants, they use local plumbers, builders etc, their kids go to your schools, they support and attend local sporting etc etc . you get the picture. If the funds are all going offshore who is going to support you, your family and possibly your employers.  

Do we make something from the marketplace? - as a social enterprise type structure - we have free listing for businesses and as many products as they wish. They only pay a small fee if they sell their item. Those funds are reinvested back into making the marketplace better to support more businesses. So please bear with us and keep coming back as we build this without a billion dollar budget. 

P.s Unlike 99% of marketplaces we do not sell our own products thus not competing and disadvantaging our vendors.