About AusE1 Australian Marketplace  

What is Ause1?

 Ause1 is a fully 100% Australian owned & operated company creating a range of online retail /wholesale ecommerce platforms & apps to help 100% Australian owned manufacturers, businesses, makers & merchants (small/medium type) cope with the onslaught of foreign internet conglomerates & the changing/challenging dynamics that the internet age has bought about. Creating a powerful platform for all Australian businesses to come together as one …to the benefit of all Aussies.

What is AusE1 main purpose?  To have a central Australian owned platform (marketplace, apps) that will give Australian small to medium business a chance to compete against the foreign internet giants who are taking their market share daily. Saving todays Australian businesses by securing a level/fair playing for their futures. And to help you the consumer to easily find Australian made & owned and the other fabulous products our Australian owned businesses provide. I.e., Shop Australia first & keep as much money recirculating your communities as possible.

What is an Online Marketplace? An online marketplace/app is an internet-based platform that is basically a website that brings together a range of businesses (hundreds of vendors) selling thousands of different products. All in one convenient user-friendly website.

What Businesses are on this marketplace?

  There is an excellent assortment of businesses on this platform with vast range of products however they all share one thing in common…. The fact they are all ONLY 100% owned Australian small-medium businesses. (Thus, keeping most funds within Australia & our communities).

What products do they sell?

(2 parts to the marketplace selling any new product from A-Z that is available)

  • Any product that is Australian made & owned (& grown).  (majority of products in Marketplace)
  • Any product that is stocked by a 100% Australian Business (both Australian & imported products) (must be stocked unless a big-ticket item) (certain countries excluded).

Why do you allow imports on an Australian Marketplace?

To help achieve our main purpose of supporting as many Australian owned businesses as possible. Supporting our jobs & communities is critical whilst still giving you the consumer a great range and choices.   Our businesses need those extra products to survive and provide you an exciting diversity and range. The site will always have Australias biggest range of Australian made & owned (being the majority & clearly marked). Any import products that conflict with this or overshadow Aussie products will be phased out or that particular business will be given Australian wholesale options for a possible product replacement.

Why don’t we just use the big foreign sites? Are you not just another smaller version of Amazon or Ebay?  Although we use similar platform/marketplace technology there are 4 major points of difference 1. AusE1 & all businesses are Australian owned 2. Majority of products are Australian made & owned 3. All products sold are new & certain geographic locations (certain imports) are limited 4. Majority of funds (if not all) stay in Australia.

It is totally your choice to purchase wherever you want however with the massive foreign companies every time you purchase most of the funds go overseas. Leaching huge amounts of money from your town, businesses, schools etc. The flow on effect is huge. Our goal is that you ‘Pause then purchase’ by shopping Australia owned & made first if possible or at least try to buy through an Australian owned business or website/platform. With our soon to be massive range we hope you will enjoy.



Is Australian Marketplace safe n secure to use? Yes absolutely, we are stringent on security and making your experience safe, easy & convenient with lots of choice. We act in accordance with all applicable laws and only use proven safe third-party payment systems.

How do I contact customer service? Please press on the Contact Us button. This will take you to our online form. Please note as we avoid using offshore call centers this is currently only used for general inquires and we will reply to you at the earliest convenience …  hours are mon-fri 9am-6pm.

Does AusE1 Australian Marketplace supply the products? No. All products are supplied by the carefully selected Australian owned businesses(vendors) on the marketplace.

Can I order from multiple businesses on the Marketplace? Yes, just like going through any physical store you can pick multiple brands/products and then conveniently purchase them all at one easy checkout when you are finished. There is no minimum or maximum order.

How do I order products? Choose the product you wish to purchase, add to cart, you can then either checkout or keep browsing and add more to your cart. Once you have the items you want, choose checkout, choose your favourite payment method which may consist of Visa, Mastercard, Amex or have now pay later options. Simply make your payment and receive checkout confirmation (If your details are not already in the system then you may need to quickly add a limited amount of details). The power of the marketplace in conjunction with the vendor does the rest.

How do I know Payment is secure? Payments are very secure. Through our third-party Merchant Facilities which Pay Pal, Braintree. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and have now pay later options. Fully encrypted and the same facilities that we all use on a daily basis anyhow.

How do I return products? Please contact the individual vendor store for any returns. Or refer to our refund policy. All products or vendors will have clear information to guide easily through this process.

How can I be assured of the quality and that I get it in a timely fashion? All products are clearly described. All must be in stock (unless noted) and dispatched within 24hrs. All products & businesses are subject to the Vendors own policy’s as well as Australian Consumer Laws & must act accordingly to remain on our platform.

Pricing of Products? Australian Marketplace does not set the prices or discounts etc. This is done by the individual businesses (vendors). Please remember to compare apples with apples. The whole idea of our services is to help keep more money recirculating in your communities. We will have a huge range of products majority Australian & some imports with excellent discounts however we will be avoiding the cheaper Chinese type products as much as practical. So, look for what you see as value for you and enjoy your product purchase.

Delivery/shipping?  As part of the requirement to participate on Australian Marketplace vendors must stock the product (or have it clearly marked otherwise) and dispatch within 24hrs (allowances for weekends/public holidays) All shipping options will be clearly stated at the time of purchase and delivered in line with our customer service expectations. Vendors will all have their own policies in place and clearly stated in their terms & conditions or delivery terms should you wish to know more.

Can I track my order?  Yes, absolutely once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number so you can follow your products.

Not all products have arrived. Is there something I can do? Yes, absolutely the first thing to do is not panic as we & the vendor stores have systems in place to help you. The second thing is to see if the missing product is from the same business or not. Sometimes when you add multiple products to your cart on the marketplace, they may be from different vendor stores/businesses. So, they will be shipped from different points of origin. Or your local couriers/post office etc. dispatch them on different days. (it is not uncommon if their van is full or weekends/public holidays). Check your tracking number to also give you some idea of its whereabouts or refer back to the original email.

Refunds, product, or delivery issues? Please contact the individual vendor. Should you not be happy with the outcome after 14 days after first reporting issue to vendor (and following their procedures) then please contact  michael@ause1.com.au directly. Please also understand there are many vendors on the platform…occasionally there may be misunderstandings or issues beyond the control of the vendor or that business may have had a temporary not so nice employee you may unfortunately encounter, and it would be unfair to trash all other businesses because of that particular incidence. Please note All products & businesses operate as per the Australian Consumer Laws.

Keyboard Warriors? As mentioned above we hold our vendor stores to a remarkably high standard and should you ever have an issue we at AusE1 will strive to help you in every way possible. We will also protect the integrity of our site and its vendors should they or us be attacked via social media etc. Reviews in Australia can be subject to defamation so please if you feel strongly about something just email the founder directly at  michael@ause1.com.au .Always happy to help & who knows the remedy to your issue could be responsible for positive changes in the entire industry